Van der Doort c.1639

Hoskins after the original by Paul van Somer in the Bear stake Gallery

The 4th, James VI, black habit and laced ruff, corslet round his neck

Walpole Society reference (1960): 
WS 111, № 35
Measurements (Van der Doort): 
2 1/8 x 1½in (5.4 x 3.8cm)
oval lavender-coloured card
light from the right
The 2nd and last bigger square and high frame – 1ft 6in+1/8 in x 8in+1/8 - in which space for two more pictures to come of your Majesty's progenitors, as yet unfinished [i.e. ten spaces; eight filled]
Room description extended: 
4th Book containing all your Majesty's well limned pieces, kept at the moment in cupboards in the newly erected Cabinet Room, Whitehall
Original Manuscript page number: 
Windsor MS., f. 61
Charles II inventory c1666: 
Whitehall, no 454
Identification certainty: