Saint John and Saint Sebastian

Possibly identical with the painting sketched February 3 1857 by George Scharf in his notebook (National Portrait Gallery, Heinz Archive, SSB 45, p.95) to which he gave the title "St Nicholas Enthrone between St Roch and St Sebastian, from the collection of Charles I" and states that it had a CR brand on its reverse. He also records its sale on the same page of the notebook by an addition, clearly made at a later date, of "sold at Christie's James St 1867..." For an image see P. Cottrell, "Art tresures of the United Kingdom...", The Art Bulletin, 2014, p.631

Sale Inventory c.1649-51

Bishop, Sts John and Sebastian

Walpole Society reference (1972): 
WS 196, №177
Sold to: 
Sale date: 
Appears in Charles II c1666: 
Whitehall, no 627, 79 x 61
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