Salome with the head of John the Baptist

Sold at Sotheby's New York 29 January 2009, lot 33. CR brand.

Supposed to be identical with a picture in the Della Nave collection purchased (with complications) by Marquis of Hamilton, list dated 1638. On this purchase see Jeremy Wood, ‘Buying and Selling Art in Venice, London and Antwerp: The Collection of Bartolomeo Della Nave and the Dealings of James, Third Marquis of Hamilton, Anthony van Dyck, and Jan and Jacob van Veerle, c.1637-50’, Walpole Society, Volume 80, 2018, pp. 1-200.

Sale Inventory c.1649-51


Herod holding St John's head on a platter

Walpole Society reference (1972): 
WS 190, №78
Sold to: 
reserved: with His Highness
Appears in Charles II c1666: 
Whitehall, no 470, 89 x 84
Identification certainty: