Van der Doort c.1639

Landscape, trees and moor water with 2 ducks swimming and some water flowers, made in a new way of stuff [upholstery] - the way they make Turkish carpets

Walpole Society reference (1960): 
WS 157, № 4
Measurements (Van der Doort): 
(1ft 10 x 2ft 5) [55.9 x 73.7]
in an all-over gilded frame
French Ambassador
Gift / Exchange / Bought / Inherited: 
Room description extended: 
Pictures and other things in store in several places and as yet unplaced
Original Manuscript page number: 
Windsor MS., f. 122 and MS Ash, 1514, f. 156
Charles II inventory c1666: 
Hampton Court, no 64
Interpreting the text: 
Text in brackets from the Ashmolean MS.
Identification certainty: 
Sale Inventory c.1649-51