Adoration of the Shepherds

The information here is an amalgamation of records from different source manuscripts.

Note that the work cited here is only a possible match with the seventeenth-century record and only a possible match with the Sale inventory (see also Sale inventory WS 270, №231).  Also see Titian (?)'s Adoration of the Shepherds in the Christ Church Picture Gallery (no. JBS 79) which bears a CR brand on its reverse. "Nativity disclosed to the shepherds in collection of General Guise" [whose collection passed to Christ Church] added by Horace Walpole in his copy of George Vertue, Catalogue and Description of King Charles I's Capital Collection.. (1757) in the Surveyor's office, St James's Palace.

Titian List as in 'the King's Gallery at Greenwich', van der Doort inventory WS 184

Sale Inventory c.1649-51

Nativity of Christ

Walpole Society reference (1972): 
WS 65, №85
Sold to: 
Sold for: 
Sale date: 
Appears in Charles II c1666: 
Whitehall, № 549, 71 x 117 (possibly)
Identification certainty: