"Now in the possession of Mrs Catherine Noel", annotation added by Horace Walpole to the corresponding entry in his copy of George Vertue, Catalogue and Description of King Charles I's Capital Collection.. (1757) in the Surveyor's office, St James's Palace.

Note that the match with the Sale inventory record is only a loose possibility. There are several perspectives by or after Steenwyck in the Royal Collection today and several references in the inventories. For all the Steenwyck candidates without firm matches see van der Doort WS 87, no 57 and also Sale inventory WS 315, no 262, WS 192, no 100, WS 268, no 185, WS 323, no 21, WS 307, no 144, WS 259, no 52, 54, 55, WS 315, no 266, WS 269, no 212, WS 63, no 58, WS 204, no 303 and WS 416, no 9 (including this record)

Sale Inventory c.1649-51

After Hendrick van Steenwyck the Younger


Walpole Society reference (1972): 
WS 259, №54
Sold to: 
R [reserved], sold; Embry
Sale date: 
Identification certainty: