Sacrifice of a Goat to Jupiter

As part of the Mantua sale, Charles acquired a number of works by the Gonzaga’s court painter Giulio Romano, Raphael’s most talented pupil. Many of these pictures depict scenes from antiquity, some with a decidedly imperial flavour. Here, a burnt offering is made to the Roman god Jupiter.

We might imagine this firey work hung above the chimney in the Second Privy Lodging Room. It remains in the Royal Collection today.

Sale Inventory c.1649-51

Giulio Romano

Sacrificing before an image

Walpole Society reference (1972): 
WS 315, №273
Sold to: 
J Lanier
Sold for: 
Sale date: 
Appears in Charles II c1666: 
Whitehall, no. 140, 122 x 66
Identification certainty: