Triumph of Titus and Vespasian

As part of the Mantua sale, Charles acquired a number of works by the Gonzaga’s court painter Giulio Romano, Raphael’s most talented pupil. Many of these pictures depict scenes from antiquity, some with a decidedly imperial flavour.

Van der Doort c.1639

Giulio Romano

Vespasian and Titus on triumphal chariot drawn by 4 horses, 10 little figures

Walpole Society reference (1960): 
WS 20, № 1
Measurements (Van der Doort): 
3ft 10in x 5ft 7in (116.8 x 170.2cm)
white carved and gilded frame
Mantua Piece
Room description extended: 
Also called the Square Table Room
Original Manuscript page number: 
MS. Ash. 1514, f. 27
Identification certainty: 
Sale Inventory c.1649-51

Giulio Romano