Glossary of Van der Doort's Titles and Terms

Almonedo – Spanish auction


Lord Ancrum / Anckorum – Sir Robert Kerr (1578-1654), 1st Earl of Ancram (1633-), Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1625-


Sir Robert Anstruther, sent to Germany as Ambassador in 1630


Bartholomeus / Bartolomeo – Bartholomeus Breenbergh c. 1599-1657,


In the kabint auff beling – in the cabinet belonging to . . .


Barnadino Bennino, Italian painter – Bernardino Luini


Lord Berkshire – Earl of Arundel


Herbert Blockland, artist providing figures for Vredeman de Vries


Pilt and bobelt up, of a paint layer – peeled and bubbled up


M. Bonnell - Jacob Bunel, 1558-1614, French artist


Brad, of a pedestal – broad


Bresciano / Britziano, artist - Moretto da Brescia 1498-1554


Bronceeno, artist – Bronzino


Calus Malus - Cadiz


Balthazar de Cane, artist -


Cantareno / Conterino, artist – Simone Cantarini 1612-48


Venetian Capaceene – Fra Semplice da Verona 1589-1654


Lord Carlisle / Countess of Carlisle - Lucy Hay (nee Percy), Countess of Carlisle 1599-1660


Carings / Karings artist – Alexander Keirincx 1600-52


Michiel Cass / Michaell de la Croy / Michael Crosse – Michael Cross (Miguel de la Cruz) fl 1630-60 / could one of these references be to Michiel Coxcie 1499-1592?


Princess of Castille,


wer complining at chijrs -


Sir Thomas Challenger – Sir Thomas Chaloner


Choffone, Italian artist who may be confused with Veronese – Andrea Schiavone


Coiniett / Congiet, artist who copies Titian – Gilles Coignet, Antwerp, 1542- 99


Countess of Cobbona - sitter


Corinthian metal – bronze


John Corragio, landscape painter - Keirincx? (see above)


Luca Coniagio / Luco Congeorgio / Luca Congiagio – Luca Cambiaso


Haniball Coratchio – Annibale Carracci


Lord Cottington – Francis Cottington, 1st Baron Cottington, (1579-1652), Chancellor of the Exchequer 1629-42, was with Charles in Madrid in 1623


Sir Francis Crane, 1579-1636, secretary to Charles when POW and founder of the Mortlake tapestry works, built Stoke Park, Stoke Bruerne


Lucas Cronicke – Cranach


Lady Cunignsby – Lady Coningsby?


Lord Danby – Henry Danvers, 1st Earl of Danby (1573-1643)


Lord Feilding / Lord Denby/ Lord Filden – William Feilding, 1st Earl of Denbigh 1587-1643, who travelled in India and was ambassador to Venice


Lord Deputy of Ireland - Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, 1593-1641, who held this office from 1632-40


Abraham Derkender / Abraham Derkindron, agent -


Dewart, a jeweler - Jacques Duart


Dick, my Lord Chamberlain's dwarf - Richard Gibson, the 4th Earl of Pembroke's dwarf


The late Lord Dorchester – Dudley Carleton, 1st Viscount Dorchester (1573-1632)


Dorsey, Mantua artist – Dosso Dossi


Eateright, place – Utrecht


Enchantment of Dorsey, title and attribution of a painting - enchantment by Dosso Dossi


Mr Eaton, Prince's Gentleman Usher – John Aiton


Lord of Exeter, donor – David Cecil, 3rd Earl of Exeter


Sir Henry Fanchurch / ffanshaw– Sir Henry Fanshawe 1569-1616


Fellow, when discussing a work of art - pair


Ffallkenburgh / faulkenburch / Falkenbergh – Lucas van Valckenborch 1535-97


Princess of Ffaulsburch, Princess of Vaudémont (which might be Vaulsburg in German) Duke of Lorrain's sister – Henrietta of Lorrain (1605-60)


Ffleetsheere / Flittzier, artist – Tobias Flessiers 1610-89


Frabarth, artist – Fra Bartholomeo


Ffranks / Francks, artist – Frans Francken or Sebastiaen Vrancx


Ffrezley – dealer generally called William Frizell by us but most likely a Wilhelm Froeschl, relative of Daniel Froeschl, a German limner in the retinue of Rudolf II at Prague (below)


Freshley / Ffreshley, Rudolph II limner – Daniel Froeschl 1563-1613


Gallune, as in Silver gallune lace –


Garrett, old Marcus and Henry, artist – Marcus Gheeraerts II 1561-1636 and his son Henry 1604-50


Gayiton, artist - Gaetano (Scipione Pulzone, Il) 1544-98


Geldrope – George Geldorp


Van Goreing, landscape artist – van Goyen


Greenburie, artist copyist – Robert Greenbury fl 1616-50


Gri – dis stand vor gri


Grin – Greenwich


Gro / Grofell / Grofilli – Garofalo, c. 1480-1559


Guido of Bologna – Guido Reni (1575-1642)


Guasto / Gwasto, Marquess of – Alfonso d'Avalos, Marquis of Vasto


Gwarssino / Guatsino, artist – Guercino 1591-1666


Duke of Gullick – Duke of Jülich


Half-figure as big as the life – life-size half-length



  • late Marquis of Hamilton – James Hamilton (1589-1625), Marquis of Hamilton,
  • Marquis of Hamilton / Lord Marckessis - James Hamilton (1606-49), Marquis (from 1625) and 1st Duke of Hamilton (from 1643), leading an army in Germany from 1631


Hans von Aachen 1591-1612 -


Mr. Haskins – Sir John Hoskins 1590-1664, miniature painter


Hemeson, still life painter – Harman Steenwyck? / Hemessen


Herriott, the late – James Herriot, died 1634, the King's jeweler


Hilliard, Old and young – Nicholas Hilliard and Lawrence Hilliard


Lord Holland / Lord of Holland – Henry Rich, 1st Earl Holland (1590-1649)


Marquis of Huntley – George Gordon, 2nd Marquis of Huntly, Viscount Aboyne, 1592-1649


Very Ilfaffort, painting condition – very ill-favoured


Iseing glass over miniatures


Jennett – Jean or 'Janet' Clouet 1480-1541 also used for Francois Clouet 1510-72


Young Jennett/ Gennett – Francois Clouet 1510-72


Jetton, material from which boxes are made – jet


Julio / Juliano the Italian, artist – Giulio Romano


Karwasi, artist – Carracci or even sometimes Caravaggio


Robert Killigrew, late Vice-Chamberlain to the Queen (appointed 1630) – Robert Killigrew 1580-1633, father of Thomas Killigrew (1612-83)


Lady Killegrew, Ann Killigrew


David Kint, a Dutch merchant


Mr Kirk, Master of the Robes,


Klock – cloak


Sir Francis Krans, Mortlake agent – Sir Francis Crane (see above)


Colonel Lashley – David Leslie, 1st Lord Newark (1600-1682)


At length – full-length


Leonardo De Moran, Venetian – Leonardo Corona 1561-1605, born in Murano


Duke of Lennox – James Stewart, 4nd Duke of Lennox and 1st Duke of Richmond 1612-55


Persis Mans, agent – [by] Percy's means / with the agency of Sir Jocelyn Percy, cousin of the Duke of Northumberland


Marchesa / Duchess of Mantua – Isabella d'Este 1474-1539, Marchesa of Mantua


Lord Marshall – Thomas Howard, 21 Earl of Arundel (1586-1646), who was Earl Marshal from 1622-46


Matzioloe, artist – Mazzola Bedoli


Prince Maurice of Orange (1567-1625),


Sir Henry Mileman, collector / courtier – Sir Henry Mildmay, 1594-1668


Louisa / Loveza /Lowizo de Moylne / Mollon / Mullon / Moillon, French woman artist in Paris – Louise Moillon 1609-96


Longanopeir – Pieter Aertsen c.1508-75


Sir Henry Murray -


Nadatino, artist – Natalino da Murano, pupil of Titian


Nordron Towne – Northern town /s


Gilbert North courtier / collector -


Lord of Northumberland, present and his grandfather – Algernon Percy, 10th Earl of Northumberland and his grandfather the 8th Earl


Padua Nino – Alessandro Varotani, Il Padovanino


The young Palsgrave - Charles, Elector Palatine,


Sir James Palmer (1585-1658) of Dorney Court, Bucks, Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber, Chancellor of the Order of the Garter, etc.


Pardinon, artist – Pordenone


Parmentius / Permensius – Parmigianino


Pater Segarr Jesuit – Daniel Seghers, 1590-1661


Sir Jocelyn Pearcey (who lived at Tower Hill) – Sir Jocelyn Percy cousin of the 10th Earl of Northumberland


Pembrokes / Lord Stuart Bambrock –

  • 'the late Lord Steward' - William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke 1580-1630, Lord Steward 1625-30
  • The 'Lord Chamberlain' - Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke (1584-1650), who was Lord Chamberlain from 1625-41


Padowneno, artist – Pordenone / Padovanino?


Pardinan, artist – Paris Bordone (cross-checked with another manuscript), Pordenone?


Joseph Petitot of Geneva – brother of Jean Petitot of Geneva, 1607-91


Bartholomeo / Ferabastino del peumbo / Piumbo – Sebastiano del Piombo 1485-1547


Polydore of Venice, artist – Polidoro da Caravaggio


Sir Edward Powell, Master of Requests -


Qir / qijr – square


Quarrel square frame – square


Radis of marble - reddish


Jasper Reymer, artist –


Rogeeres / Rosiers, Antwerp silversmith –


Mr John Wolf Rumlor, HM's apothecary – Johann Wolfgang Ruhmlau


Nicasius Russell, agent, jeweler -


Salviati - Francesco de' Rossi, called 'Il Salviati' 1510-63


Sir Edmund Scory –


Skedon – Bartolomeo Schedoni (1578-1615)


Snelling, artist – Jan Snellinck 1548-1638,


Lord Salisbury – William Cecil


Scissa – Psyche


Shalps – ornament on a breast-plate


Shauring, something which spoils paintings - washing


Duchess of Shiverey / Madam Sheveries, Whitehall lodger – Duchess of Chevreuse


Shliffs, item of clothing – shift?


Shurab – ornament round neck of a bust


Lord and Lady Somerset – Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Somerset, 1587-1645 and Frances Howard 1590-1632


Daniel Sorew – Daniel Soreau


Mr Sorfijer / Sorffijer – the Surveyor, Inigo Jones


Kalit Spaff,  - Rudolf II ivory carver "called Spaff"


Stanwinckle, King of Denmark's architect - Hans van Steenwinckle II, 1587-1639 or Martin van Stenwinckle


Lord Suffolk – Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk, 1584-1640


Terauff – thereof


tiffanie -


Sir John Trevars - of Ballinamona


Henry Vaine, Therr of HM Household, Lord Ambassador – Sir Henry Vane 1589-1655, made Treasurer of the Household in Sept 1639, on mission to Germany with Hamilton


Carlo Veneziano, artist - Carlo Saraceni 1579-1620


 Verselenus / Varselin / Varsalin / Farzilino – Francesco Verzelini secretary to Earl of Arundel apparently an Italian dealer


Lord Vilden, agent in Venice


Cornelis Visscher, artist - Cornelis Visscher I 1520-86,


Vorst – Robert van Voerst 1597-1636


Late Lord Treasurer Weston – Richard Weston, 1st Earl of Portland 1577-1634/5, Lord Treasurer 1628-35


Winowood, secretary – Sir Ralph Winwood 1563-1617


Wrda kontri pupel, Breughel painting – 'where there are country people'