Van der Doort c.1639

Isaac Oliver from life

The 7th, Charles I as Duke of York, gilded armour with blue ribbons, laced ruff

Walpole Society reference (1960): 
WS 112, № 38
Measurements (Van der Doort): 
2 x 1¾in (5.1 x 4.4cm)
oval red-grounded card under a crystal
light from the left
The 2nd and last bigger square and high frame – 1ft 6in+1/8 in x 8in+1/8 - in which space for two more pictures to come of your Majesty's progenitors, as yet unfinished [i.e. ten spaces; eight filled]
Room description extended: 
4th Book containing all your Majesty's well limned pieces, kept at the moment in cupboards in the newly erected Cabinet Room, Whitehall
Original Manuscript page number: 
Windsor MS., f. 62
Charles II inventory c1666: 
Whitehall, no 454
Identification certainty: