Van der Doort c.1639

The Frenchman [Hubert Le Sueur]

(Charles, King of Great Britain, on Horseback)

Walpole Society reference (1960): 
WS 95, № 24
Measurements (Van der Doort): 
1ft 1in x 0in (33cm high)
black wooden pedestal
from Somerset House
[Not of the 18 Florentine bronzes]
Hang notes: 
statues that stand in the middle windows;
Room description extended: 
Your Majesty's statues placed round about the Cabinet Room; 36 including 16 of the 18 little statues which came to your majesty by the decease of Prince Henry; the other 2 are in the Chair Room
Original Manuscript page number: 
Windsor MS., f. 26 and V&A MS, f. 43, no 24 (WS 212)
Interpreting the text: 
The text in brackets comes from the V&A Manuscript
Identification certainty: 
Sale Inventory c.1649-51