Van der Doort Inventory

The collection is presented here in the order of the inventory made by the keeper of the royal collection, Abraham van der Doort, around 1639, which focusses on Whitehall Palace but includes other residences in briefer form towards the end.

Van der Doort's information is spread throughout a set of source manuscripts, each differing slightly. We also include supplementary information from another roughly contemporaneous inventory (c.1640) not drawn up by van der Doort (the V&A MS.). The St James's Palace section is taken wholly from the V&A manuscript. Note that not every inventory number is taken from the original manuscripts, where some items are unnumbered. We encourage students of the collection to refer to the Walpole Society pages for further detail.

Each entry contains a view of the work in question which could have as many as three sections: current knowledge about the work, and the information from van der Doort's inventory and from the Sale inventory. Each entry also includes where possible an image of the work, as well as the relevant page from the Walpole Society transcriptions of the inventories, which can be found behind the image.

The principal manuscript (MS. Ash. 1514) begins: A Book of all such the King's Pictures as are by his Majesty's Special appointment placed at this present time remaining in Whitehall...